Thursday, February 12, 2009

There are some days

You know those days when you just should have stayed in bed. I knew I had to talk to a courier about a damaged shipment, but that went surprisingly well. I got someone friendly, helpful and competant. A good start. I knew I had emails to answer and paper work to do. No problem we are handling our own email, so it's been working recently. However to send it I do need to be connected to the internet don't I. Hmm, well I might be, sort of. Spotting this after working on half a dozen emails doesn't bode well, but they will probably get there eventually. Of course one of them is urgent and must arrive by tomorrow. Joy.

I get a call back from the courier, a much less helpful one. Never mind, I think, I'll have a bath, the water should have been heaing for the last half hour...or not. I would give up and go out at this point but I am expecting a package. Wanna bet it turns up just after I get in the cold bath :) My cat's feel the correct answer is to go back to bed, but as I have a nice customer to go and see and a great bunch of ladies to teach tonight, I think I will stick with it. Now lets test that bath theory.

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Colleen formerly of South Africa said...

Enjoyed reading your blog...really liked the close up pictures of your quilting. I really liked the freehand things you added.