Sunday, February 22, 2009

Quilting tips videos

I was just taking a break from my drawing and found these videos that might help you when working on your next quilt. First, and very close my heart, getting your borders to lie flat.

Perfect Quilt Borders

Measure Your Quilt for Perfect Borders

I like the fact that the second one shows a quilt which does have different measurements in different places. It does happen and it isn't a big deal, provided you account for it. I also rather like the pattern of the second quilt, just what I needed more ideas :)

Finally, for those who make folded miters on their bindings there is this interesting video. I sew mine, but this might make it possible for even me to get four good corners with folded corners.

Mitered Corners

Have fun and don't get too distracted. There are a lot of quilting videos on You Tube, you could waste hours.

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