Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Car 2

As you can see, I did get a chance to quilt car 2 today. It's just dawned on me I will need to give them a proper title at some point. It feels really good to have made some progress on my own quilts. Having three ready to block trim and bind is amazing. I've started thinking about the binding for the cars. I am pretty sure I want them all to be the same. I was assuming I would use a narrow traditional binding as that is what I usually put on art quilts, and using either the red or the black. As I was giving them a preliminary trim it struck me that I could go with a piped binding and get in both colours, maybe even all the white too. So folks what do you think?

The original photograph I worked from for this quilt was taken by Richard Stirling, who has kindly given me permission to use a couple of his images in this series. Just as well as I haven't got many of my own the last couple of years due to helping out with Tet's car.


Twig said...

This and Dave Wilson's car are brilliant.

Just wanted to say that.

Cher in BC said...

Ferret, I love both your quilts. I think the piped binding would look fantastic.
How big are the quilts? I don't think you mentioned it and it's hard to tell from a photo.

Cher in BC

Ferret said...

They are under 40" long and I guess about 20 high.

Penny said...

Both the cars are pretty cool.