Monday, February 16, 2009

Children and Animals

I've heard the saying never work with children or animals, but I haven't had cause to do either so I had no idea how true it might be. Well, I've tried it now and I don't recommend it. I have 6 cats, most of then pretty photogenic. I will admit to one who has no feline elegance and slobs around but the other s are normally pretty good. We were trying to get a new picture of me for publicity uses, this sounds simple, but believe me it isn't. I loathe having my picture taken, and well it shows. Having read up on portrait photography, part of the trick to getting a good picture is to get your subject to relax, and we figured in my case that pretty much means distracting me from the camera. Apparently I was being perfectly photogenic any moment I did think the camera could get me.

"Let's use a cat as a prop." Sounds fair, cute cat, relaxed human, could work. Huh, wanna bet. Every cat suddenly became fat, stroppy and obsessed with being upside down. I really didn't feel being pictured next to a cats bottom helped. Every so often the cat seemed to realise the camera was unable to catch them and would pose perfectly, only to leap away as the shutter went. Bah and humbug. Of course today they are being perfect little darlings again, I am not trying to photograph them anymore after all.

We settled on the longarm for a prop. It behaved much better and we did manage to get a usable picture. My advice, stick to machines, avoid children and animals.


Penny said...

I'm glad you got a good photograph with a machine.

Children have a tendency to pose for the camera, and not a graceful model-like pose either. It is much more likely to be ramrod straight with an inane fixed grin.

Ferret said...

Well you can judge for yourself now, it's on the blog.

I think ramrod straight might be better than bottom up, but I'm not certain.