Tuesday, February 03, 2009


For the first time in many years we got some proper snow. In the UK more than a dusting is treated like a crisis, so this was enough to stop London for a day. It started Sunday night, and expecting the usual half hearted attempt we went out and made the most of it. Launching hot air balloons in the snow it well worth doing, at least once.

It kept snowing, and well it was a late night. I love watching it snow. Waking up to a proper covering was fantastic. I think Tet was relieved not to be riding his bike though. As you can see it got a thick blanket, as did the wheelie bins. Unfortunately yesterday was bin day for us, so I suspect we will have a full recycling bin for two weeks now. At least it means the dustcart didn't slide into my car.

I Don't know if you can see in the background of my car, but we do now have a less than upright lamp post. That happened when the snow had just started. We heard the crash , but didn't realise what it must have been until we went out to look at the snow. As the tubes weren't working it seemed like a good time to go for a walk. We don't often have time and it seems we weren't the only ones. Our local park is usually pretty empty but lots of families were there playing together. Maybe we need more snow, just to make people take some time off together. Everyone seemed more friendly than usual too. Perhaps this was the British banding together in adversity :)

On route to the park is this very picturesque house. It's lovely any time for the year. It has plants that flower at different times and just looks wonderful. Snow apparently is no exception. Some trees are just designed to look good covered in snow.

Finally I felt a snow report from Harrow wouldn't be complete without Harrow on the hill. Sorry we didn't feel like trying to get up the very slippery roads to it and when we got to a good place to see it at all it was getting pretty overcast (this was just before it started snowing again) but still. It's the famous church next to the school in the snow.

The downside of the snow is it makes it very hard for me to concentrate. I have a window next to my longarm but I usually keep the curtain closed. I just had to have ti open to watch the snow. So I only managed to quilt a small quilt yesterday. Still I have the machine mostly behaving again and I can make another push on customer work today. I'd rather have more snow though. Keep your fingers crossed the forecast is right and we have more to come.


Penny said...

Those are some great pictures of snow - very atmospheric. We had a bit less, but still several cms.

Gudrun said...

Snow can be lovely, especially when it is a
a novelty. It does make the world
seem friendlier. I love the quietness it brings.
Be warned it does get tedious.