Monday, February 23, 2009

At last

After my talk today (Keene quilters in Essex) I was very careful to put this quilt where I could not only find it but get at it to take a picture. So I can finally show you the whole quilt that I teased you with months ago. That will teach me not to be too optimistic about when I will be able to post finished pictures.

Apparently it is possible to work out who's car this is. I am surprised as I think a lot of the identity is in the sponsorship, which is not there in this image. I'll be interested to see how many people do recognise it.

The next one is (I think) a lot more distinctive. I spent the last couple of days working on the pattern and preparing the applique. I am hoping I will get time to quilt it tomorrow, but we shall see. I will get to empty my car tomorrow after a week of talks. It will be nice to have some space in it for a while. After that I have to get back to customer quilts so the third car in the set (which is part way thought the design phase) may have to wait a little while. I've got plans for at least four of these quilts, but I am open to suggestions of other distinctive drag racers.

Other projects are also progressing. I've been fussing with book one, which is still in need of a final title (eeek). It's been using "Ferreting around" as it's working title, which is OK but not very enlightening. It's a hard decision I want the title to be easy to find if you are looking for it by theme and easily memorable. The two don't actually seem to go together at all. I suspect at some time I will be forced to make a decision, and then we will see what happens.

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CatFang said...

I think you should call the book "Off Quilter".

It will match against the word quilter and the pun really sums up your ousider style.


Alternatively Quilty Pleasures - but I think that wouldn't match quite so well and maybe would work for a sequel?