Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Hmm, helpful

Those of you with cats have probably had them help you at some time or other. You know, the sort of help you really don't need. Well I think mine have just taken the biscuit.

I've been working on a new piece and wandering about muttering magpie. I am using them as a basis for my quilt. I've been looking at so many pictures it's getting silly. I've also been watching our local ones. It seems this sudden interest has been noted (I don't normally join the cats in bird watching).

A couple of days ago we thought we could smell something in the bedroom. A fairly thorough search didn't turn up anything though, and to be honest I thought I had imagined it. Today I leaned over a chest of drawers to stroke a cat and spotted.... a beak. A rather large beak... Oh lordy, a whole and quite large (and unfortunately) dead magpie. When I finally managed to retrieve it (how the heck did they get it through the cat flap) I had an audience. The cats seemed to be very pleased I had finally noticed their 'present'.

I did take the chance to have a good look at where the feathers should be in the tail, the wings weren't going to spread for me. So it did help, but I would have rather observed it alive. Hopefully I can do it justice in the quilt, and I really hope the cats don't feel I need another.


Beverly said...

I like the new picture- yes, your trusty longarm is definitely more cooperative than any cat would dream of being.

Penny said...

Yes, the new picture is great. It really gets to the essence of you.