Sunday, May 04, 2008


I've been quilting up a storm recently. I've had a lot of interesting quilts to do for customers which has been great. However it hasn't left a lot of time for anything else. I did manage to get some time off on Thursday to go bowling for my birthday. I also have a wonderful lot of new books and an IOU for a new computer.

I am currently home alone as it is a racking weekend, so I've been going for quick easy food. it's turned out to be less easy than I had thought. I wanted some fresh baked (well part baked) rolls and thought that while the oven was on I might as well make some cookies. The rolls went in first on the top shelf and needed 8 minutes, the cookies went in a few minutes later on a lower shelf, and needed 12 minutes. So how did the cookies manage to singe before the rolls were done?

I also had one of those revelations. I've ha d a bobbin winder for the longarm almost as long as I have had the machine. Every time I want a bobbin I have to walk to the other room wind it then go back. Well why don't I take the winder into the same room as the longarm? Stupidity. I will now go back to my quilting, taking the winder with me.


katelnorth said...

Happy belated birthday. In a remarkable coincidence, Lana and I took the kids bowling on Thursday (school was closed for a polling day).

Penny said...

Happy birthday!