Saturday, January 05, 2008

Wow. Oh my. Gosh.

Well I think that covers it, Prague (I must find out how the natives say that) is just stunning. I've been to so many cool places it's hard to know where to start. Maybe near the end. The picture today is from the restaurant where we had dinner. I is a medieval themed place by the name of U Sadlu. If you take a look at their web site you can find the English version of the menu. Some things have changed since it was written but it will certainly give you the flavour of the place. The guide book doesn't rate it but I loved it. The portions are sillly, there is no way I would attempt three courses, the setting it fun (and they have three different decorative areas) and both staff and customers are very friendly. It seems to mostly be frequented by natives despite being close to the main tourist area, I think that speaks volumes for the great value for money they offer.

The one down side is their reluctance to bring desert. Funnily enough two determined females managed to order, and after quite a wait the food arrived. The other diners started to snigger and we had to get down to the serious business of stunt pudding eating. Huge really doesn't cover it. I had a pancake with fruit ans icecream, doesn't sound too mad does it. It came on a plate 12" in diameter and the pancake alone (rolled arround icecream)went from one edge to the other and filled about a third of the plate. The rest of the plate was full of orange, pineapple, apple and banana. That's the real full not the sort of covered, this was more food than the ,main course, which wasn't small. Just as well we had spent the day walking and our hotel is at the top of a hill.

We started the day with a trip to the Old Town square (Staromestske). It's probably a 20 minute journey normally but with me and a camera it took over an hour and I hate to think how many pictures. The architecture here is amazing, and for me very inspiring. Ideas I have had kicking around for a while suddenly make sence and I hope I will get to work on them soon. The square is dominated by several famous Prague landmarks, my personal favourites being Tyn church and the astronomical clock tower. For 60Kc, about £2 you can go to the top of the tower and get fantasti panoramic views of the city. I froze my fingers but I hope I have some good pictures to show for it. From this vantage point you can really appreciate the architectural variety in Prague, fron the gothic churches to the futuristic tower.

From here it is a short, and inspiring walk to Charles bridge. Sadly the days being short meant that light was fading by the time we got there, so we will be forced to go back tomorrow, oh the hardship. We did however have a chance to scope out possible vantage points for photography. Also, tomorrow being th weekend, we can visit the Petrin tower. This looks like a minature Eifel tower and overlooks our apartment, it should have amazing views over the river. It's funny, this isn't a big city (certainly not when you are used to London) but the number of really worthwhile places to visit is astounding. I'll cover as much as I can, but it will a tiny fraction of what is here.

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