Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Postcards Now Available

Well my house is full of boxes but I can now offer sets of postcards with images of my quilts. I've discovered that dull jobs are slightly better when it's your own work, but only slightly. Still I have 100 sets of nudes nicely bagged up and I will try and get some general ones done later. I can't work on bagging them for too long, it drives me nuts. If you would like to buy a set (pictures will be up later) they are 2.50 GBP per set (approx $5) and for a limited time I am offering free shipping. If you would like a set drop me an email and we can arrange getting them to you. I accept UK cheques and paypal.

I've been working on my book, which I am also teaching. I figured this was a really good way to keep me on schedule, as I have a whole class who need the next part. So far it seems to be working. I never though about how much longer things take if you have to photograph every step, and it sure makes it hard to guess how long something really takes. Still it keeps things exciting.

On the boxes front, the house should be even more full in a day or two when all the show invites and posters arrive, at which point I will be getting them out ASAP. If you are part of quilt groups who would like a poster for my show get in touch and I will send you one out.


Bibliogirl said...

I'd love a set. How about bank transfer rather than a cheque, though? I couldn't tell you where my chequebook was within 10 feet, I've not used it in so long.

Ferret said...

Yes that would be fine. I hadn't thought of it. I have a similar problem keeping track of cheque books.

Bibliogirl said...

I _think_ I still have your details from the last time I did a transfer -- if not, I'll mail you.

Sequana said...

I want a set also. I'll pay in PayPal if you can wait til the first of Feb.

I live in the US - you don't have to do free shipping to me. *S*

Put a set aside for me, and I'll reward you by paying for the shipping.

katelnorth said...

Oooh, I want some - are you coming to Susie's on Tuesday? If not, I will order them in the post at some point; if you are, I will bring actual money!

Ferret said...

Yes I should be at Susies, I will bring some with me.