Saturday, January 12, 2008

The Mousetrap

As the longest running stage production it is something I have wanted to see for- a while, finally I have a chance to. A friend chose it as one of the things she fancied for her birthday so I am off to meet a group of chums for a very pleasant evening at the theater.

I am still without internet access. Earlier today even my mobile phone gave up. Aparently my mobile provider had lost their connection too. I guess it must be a quite widespread problem, so who knows when this will actually show up. I forget how much I use the net until I don't have it. I would check the news to see what is wrong with the internet, but with almost no TV or radio reception I can't until the net comes back. I can't look up the map of where I am meeting my friends, and more importantly I can communicate with my customers, several of which haven't given me phone numbers. I guess I need to get a lot more insistant about having several contact methods for each person I deal with don't I.

So I hope the rest of the world is still there an you are all having a good new year. Say hi if you are at the Maltings tomorrow. Assuming all goes well I should be there.

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