Thursday, January 17, 2008

Textile sketch

I am still very excited by Prague and I have been giving some thought to textiles that will behave like traditional art. This little sketch is mounted on stretchers so you can just pick it up and hang it on a hook. It's odd but very convenient. I've got to say, having tried it, I would much rather have stiff quilts than floppy ones. I like being able to just walk up to a hook and hang a piece.

I'm also quite happy with how this little sketch has worked out. It is 12" x 9" but does have some essence of Prague in it. The fabrics are some I hand dyed for making the Chrysler building, I really like the feel of them for these misty buildings so I guess I will have to dye some more of these fabrics.

As well as having very dodgy internet access we have a burst water main outside the house. After a few phonecalls and some hopeless workmen we now have a decent team working on the problem, which is great. The hours of pnuematic drilling however are starting to get to me. Still I will be happier to know it has been fixed, and if I am lucky I will go out about the time they need to turn the water off.


Nellie's Needles said...

Wonderful! This makes a marvelous memento.

Natalya said...

You just need to do a few more, then a stall on the bridge would be perfect for you ;)

Looks so pretty. Nice snowy tones.