Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Spring Flowers

OK so it is quite clear I don't get flowers as well as I get leaves, but hopefully this will apeal to those who do want to do flowers. It is intended as the spring version of my autumn leaves quilt which has proved a very popular class. The only spring flower I like is cherry blossom, and I did think about just sticking with that, but I think for most people the yellow is am essential part of spring. I am looking forward to seeing what my students come up with in the way of flowers.

I guess it probably bears mentioning that I am still mostly without internet access. I am now stealing my friends machines whenever I can and posting from my phone. Apparently something at the exchange is broken, great. No idea when it might get fixed.

1 comment:

Penny said...

The flowers are pretty and very Spring like.

It's frustrating to be without internet access. I hope it gets fixed soon.

I emailed you yesterday, to say I'd got the mailing.