Thursday, January 24, 2008

Postcard pictures

OK, a bit later than I had hoped and not the greatest pictures. They are quite shiny and thus indoors quite hard to photograph. Still I guess it gives you an idea of what is in each set and I can promise you the photographs on the postcards are very good. Most of them were done by the professional photographer, and it really does show. See yesterdays post for details of how to order a set.


The Wittering Rainbow said...

Hiya Ferret. Long time no speak!! I'm trying to find images of nudes to do paintings from but am having enormous difficulty. The idea of them being judged porn never occurred to me - I can be quite naive! I wonder if I could ask where do your images come from? Do you do drawings from life or use photos? If the latter how on earth do you find them? Annabel

Ferret said...

I work from photographs.It is very hard to find images, I was quite lucky, I know a photographer who takes these kind of pictures. He allowed me to use some of his images. I am now looking for my own models so I can get exactly the images I want bu that is tricky or expensive. I think at some point I will have to bite the bullet and hire a professional model.

I've considered options such as joining the local photography groups, they sometimes hire models and they have studios to use as well. It would be a cheaper option but gives you less control over the model.

If you do have someone who would pose for you that is probably the best option, but even the most beautiful people can be very insecure about their bodies, so getting them to pose nude isn't easy.