Saturday, January 05, 2008

Day 3 Part 2

Hmm, so light rain + cobbles + steep slope = wee ouch. Fortunately I had worked out this was an option so I was going slowly and managed a reasonably elegant fall. No harm done, but given I was wearing very good boots and taking care we are thinking of finding a different route out in the morning.

Having chosen our restauant based on location, we were pleasently surprised to find good food and friendly service. It was a little more expensive than we have been used to, almost £15 per head for two courses and several drinks, but overall a very positive experience. I think the menu was in 6 languages so very handy for a wide range of tourists, but the food is traditional Czech. I finally tried what seems to be the standard desert here, warm raspberries and ice cream. I can highly recommend it, I also have to find out about their cream and butter. They are both white and very light. They feel very low fat and I love them. Better than that so does my body.

...and finally, we have snow! Not a lot yet, but we are hoping.

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