Sunday, September 02, 2007

Portfolio Updated

I've finally got my portfolio on my web site updated, which is great, except we have a nagging suspicion I have forgotten some quilts. It's worrying that I could forget a quilt, but I guess when they are coming thick and fast it is a risk. So if you can think of one I have missed out please let me know.

Also is anyone going to the Harrogate show next weekend? If so would you be able to send me a picture of my quilts there. I have three pieces in the show, 'Blue Moon', 'Red and Blue Tulips' and 'my Fat Quarter of Paradise'. I just hope the last one is going to behave, it is rather large and I suspect it won't fit the frame very well. I wonder if the judges make an allowance for the frame being too small for the quilt.


Delta said...

I'd love to see your quilts all at one time, but I'm getting some sort of weird message on the portfolio page, and it won't scroll.

The msg says:
Warning: Missing argument 1 for read_pics(), called in /websites/LinuxPackage04/fe/rf/ab/ on line 7 and defined in /websites/LinuxPackage04/fe/rf/ab/ on line 5

Ferret said...

Thanks for letting me know. Given it was working and then my ISP said they were swapping servers, I suspect I know where to start looking.

You have to have your eye on your site all the time don't you.

Great bug report.