Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Busy and feeling crummy

Well I suppose I can't complain, I didn't get a cold while I was finishing off for the NEC so as timing goes it could have been worse. Still it isn't what I wanted, I will be off to Hever early tomorrow to help hang the quilts and deliver a couple at the same time, so I am really hoping I will feel better by then.

As you can imagine the cold has slowed me up a bit, but I have still been making good use of my time. I have been worried about keeping 'Nude with Rope' rolled up. She is too long for me to roll her from the top down and I am sure rolling side to side is doing no good at all. While I was quilting yesterday I realised the, I missed her being on the wall where I could see her when I worked (she lived there until she was quilted) and that I had a set of stick on brackets I wasn't using. I had tried to stick the brackets to the bedroom walls but they aren't flat enough. A couple of minutes work and she is back in place, and probably a lot better off for it.

I don't think I can claim it is the most elegant hanging system, but the rod to the left is usually hidden behind my blocking board so it isn't too bad. The really nice thing is the brackets are easy to take down again as they are just stuck to the wall with special strips. They aren't cheap but it beats filling the wall with holes. Hmm filling with holes doesn't sound quite right does it but I guess you will know what I mean.

Carrying on the decorative theme I also hung up 'Guide Me'. It is hiding the quilt pile for me. Always an improvement. Although it won't be there long, I have to send it to the Edinburgh show before the end of the week and I guess I will have to find another quilt to take it's place. Still I did take this picture of it which is the best I have managed so far. I guess the lighting in here is good for it, so before it goes I may try and get one of the whole thing. It won't be easy it goes floor to ceiling and I can't get more than four feet back to take the picture, but I have to try.

Lastly here is a picture of the quilt I am currently working on. This picture was taken a day or two ago so things have moved on a bit since then, but given the show is this weekend I think you can wait to see the finished version. The Hever show is a lovely one to take the family to, there are two mazes at the castle and lots of gardens. I haven't looked around the castle itself so I can't comment on that, but I know there was more than enough in the grounds to keep us busy for the day. If you take a camera there are lots of potential quilt inspirations. I have a pattern for a quilt I drew up after last years show but I haven't had time to make it yet. Maybe I should think about it for next year.

When I am working on pictorial quilts I take a lot of photographs of them. I find I can't see the picture after a while and taking a picture makes it clear to me again. This one was taken just after I put her nose in. It didn't look anything like a nose when I first stepped back but I was quite happy with it when I saw it in the photograph. As you can also see I don't work on finishing one are before going to the next. I find I get bored when I try to do that so I often jump around a bit. The only rule I do have is to work from the back forward. I can only do an area if everything behind it is done. Even so there is a lot you can get away with. As you can see the parasol handle is in but I haven't finished her clothes, which are behind it. This piece is called 'Mariko' it is loosely named after the very kind lady who emailed me the entry form so I could actually enter this show.


Anonymous said...

Hope you feel better soon. I love your nude with a rope - it's even better up close.
I also like to see that you do many different things. Sometimes quilters aseem to get stuck with one distinctive style and I'm sure they must do other things but not show them. Have a good visit to hever.
Brenda in the Boro

Ferret said...

Thanks I hope so too. I hate how long everyhing takes when you don't feel well.

I like doing lots of things it's more interesting, but a lot of 'experts' say it is better to develope a style. I think the idea is it makes you a more credible artist or something like that. Can you tell I didn't entirely understand any of the explanations :)

Anonymous said...

Where is the Hever show

Ferret said...

It is at Hever Castle in Kent, just off the M25.

Anonymous said...

'Mariko' is going to look fabulous, Ferret! Can't wait to see it finished!

Nellie's Needles said...

You and your work are truly amazing. WOW!

Soco said...

We could see your work in Sitges (Spain), really great! Congratulations! With your permission, we are going to use your blog address in our blog to refers your quilts. Thanks! Best regards from Avil├ęs (Spain).