Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Insomnia strikes

I can't sleep so I have been working on some new designs. I don't like sewing at this time of night I figure I have too great a chance of messing up, so I use the time to work with photographs or drawings. Then I realised I haven't shared this quilt with you yet. This is a customers top with my quilting on it. I delivered it today (yesterday?) so I can now show you. It was a really fun quilt to work on, I love doing all the patterns used in the body of it. I have to admit I am not such a big fan of the border design, it's tricky to do and I find it a bit stressful, still a challenge is a good once in a while. One of this things I like most about working on other peoples quilts is the great variety of colours and designs I get to work on. I get to experience so many more designs options than I could possibly come up with on my own, which in turn inspires my quilts.

Oh yes, my portfolio is now working again (as far as we can see) it was indeed and issue related to my ISP moving my site to a new server. I am really looking forward to being able to take my web site hosting in house, it will mean we have total control over any upgrades and changes. It will also mean I can move my blog onto our servers, which will make me feel a lot happier. I like to know things aren't going to vanish or change without warning.

Oh dear it must be late, my cats are now trying to get me to go to bed. Guess I should try to humor them.


Anonymous said...

That's a beautiful piece of quilting, Ferret, and so sympathetic to the design of the quilt!

Delta said...

The error msg is gone, but it still won't let me scroll to anything past what's displayed on the top of the page. When I open the 'portfolio' page, I can see the sidebar and the first 6 quilts. Trying to scroll and it begins to move down and then jumps back to the top of the page. I love your work and it's very frustrating to not be able to see it all!

Anonymous said...

I can actually see 53? quilts in the portfolio. Is this right, ferret?

Ferret said...

Hmmm, thanks Delta. I will get the expert to have a look at it for me, and see if he can figure it out.

What browser and screen resolution do you use?

Ferret said...

I made it 54, but I did count quickly, so yes that is about right.

I know why I left computing. They are fine when they work, but when they mess up they do it in subtle and annoying ways.

Ferret said...

Delta if you can let me know what browser you are using I will try and track down the problem, but so far we can't replicate it, sorry.