Friday, September 07, 2007

Go hug a writer

I can't believe how hard it is writing a show report. I have a new found respect for those writers who fill our magazines on a regular basis. I don't know how they do it. I certainly didn't expect it to take so much thought but with a show the size of the Festival of Quilts there is so much to try and say in a small space. My truly lousy memory isn't helping either. I have written stacks of notes and I am still having to constantly look things up in the show guides. If anyone from Twisted Threads is reading please please consider putting back the index. It would have made my job so much easier to be able to look up an artists work from their name rather than hunting though the sections listings. Fortunately I am better at remembering where a quilt was than the names of the quilt and quilters. I also feel very sorry for the editor. I think she will be needing to make good use of her delete key when dealing with my piece. I am sure it is far too long, but I figure she has a better idea than I do of what should be covered so giving her too much is better than too little right?

I hope this is something I will get to do again, as it has been fun and interesting, but I am glad I don't need to do it every month, it is hard work. Thank you to all those who have the stamina to do this on a regular basis, I will be reading your work with a lot more appreciation after this experience.

Poop, my spell checker isn't working, so please laugh quietly at my errors.

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Anonymous said...

Have a wonderful time in Santa Pod, Ferret! See you at Hever next weekend - I hope!

ps. Forget about quilts for a couple of days because you know you're one of the best in the country!