Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Oh my!

Well I've really gone and done it now, I've finally got in touch with a gallery. I've been thinking for a while that I aught/want to have an exhibition of my work. The want comes and goes depending on confidence, but as I think it is generally a good idea I am going to go for it. Some time ago Margaret Cooter suggested I look at the Dissenters Gallery. I did but at the time I didn't feel I had anywhere near enough work to mount a show. Earlier this week Cherie kindly applied a boot to my rear and feeling too ill to stand and quilt I got on the phone. Well if all galleries are as easy to deal with, I think I can do this. I suspect they aren't and that the very nice people looking after the Dissenters Chapel are something unusual, and rather wonderful.

Given this is really a long way from the field I am trained in it was nice to be talking to people who are keen to make this work and have experience of putting on this kind of event. I had been very worried about my lack of knowledge, but have been and met the team today I am sure I can do it. The only tricky part will be choosing work to display, as it will need to fit the venue, both in size and content. I was unsurprised that they weren't keen on the idea of me displaying nudes, given the gallery is attached to the chapel, especially as it is regularly used for funerals, but I took along my triptych anyway as it is a good size to take as a sample of my work. Well after they saw those they were actually keen for me to display them, thrilled doesn't cover it.

Having had a chance to think and try to plan, I think I need to make three or four new pieces to fit the space. It's a lovely venue and it has a few spots which demand using and have quite strong ideas what shape pieces they want. There is one spot which needs something tall and thin, which I think I would like to make something from the cemetery itself. For a while I have been thinking about dong a piece based on a sculpture and the cemetery has some wonderful work in it. I think it would be really good to have something to link me to the venue and I don't have anything that will fit the bill at the moment.

This is so scary, but thrilling at the same time. It feels rather like public speaking in fact, which I suppose isn't terribly surprising. If anyone has any tips I'd be very pleased to learn from others experiences, and I really do mean it, this isn't a field I trained for.


Feather on a Wire said...

OOOOOO! How exciting! I'm so glad you're doing this!

Beverly said...

Congratulations! Keep us posted on your progress with the new pieces, and how the show develops.

Sewing Up A Storm said...

Wow! Sounds like a great way to have your work out there. I am sure that given your creative spirit you already know what the extra pieces need to be and now just need to create them. Best of luck with this new direction. I really need to try to do some of the things you are going for..............just need to take the time to make the stuff!

Ferret said...

Time is the limiting factor isn't it. When I get my hands on a time machine you just wait and see what I can do with it. I was thinking that surely everyone would become a lot more productive, but then again maybe not.