Thursday, September 06, 2007

Exciting Qualifying.

So the latest update, Tet managed to run over Robin, or Robin managed to throw himself under the wheel of the car, depending on how you look at it. It was while the car was being backed up after the burn out, so low speed and no damage done to human or car. typical driver, Tet reported it felt odd and one wheel felt a bit high. Yes stuffing your crew under the wheel will do that. The run was a good one though at 8.91, and the medical center after telling Robin off agreed he was fine.

Next run they took things a bit slower and avoided a repeat, unfortunately they also avoided getting a time as Tet went before the tree ran. They are just heading down for the sixth round of qualifying today.

On a quilty note, I am working on an applique quilt which needs a lot of dense quilting to make it pop. I've done about between an eighth and a quarter in a bit over 4 hours. It's a big job this one, but it does seem to be starting so sing. Hopefully I can get it finished before I go to the track on Saturday.

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