Monday, September 10, 2007

Not think about quilting - is that possible.

I did try at the weekend to do less quilt designing honest. I even left my camera in the car which normally helps. Still I kept finding wonderful design inspirations, so much so I was told off several times by those around me. One of the best was the disk breaks on a bicycle. They were so pretty with a spiral pattern and lots of circles. I am sure that will come up again in something. I was also reminded that I really want to look for more scientific images, there are so many interesting things we have images of now I would love to use them in art.

Looking at the parts of the cars, the engines, the clutches and even the tools is just so inspiring there is so much potential. The drag strip itself is in a great location and often has very pretty cloud formations. As Tet went out first round I got to be a spectator on Sunday so I had a look at the photographs the other people had been taking. Spectacular skys are common and popular in the prints for sale. I think that is something else I would like to try in a future project.

Still today is a work day and I am back at it so all is well, now I can think about it as much as I like.

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