Thursday, June 24, 2010

Out and about

I need a break from cranking my portable machine so I thought it migth be a good time to catch you guys up on some of my travels. Tuesday morning I was speaking to Romsey Quilter, in Romsey, unsurprisingly. As I am not a fan of early starts or the M25 at rush hour I went down on Monday evening. I was put up in an amazing barn in the New Forest. On route I got stuck behind a car driving very oddly. It slowed down as though waiting for someone to pass (it was a very narrow road) but no one did then it moved on. With all the bends and high hedges I couldn't see what the problem was and I was very reticent to try overtaking. Eventually the road straightened enough for me to see the problem, cows! Lots of them trying to make their way to be milked but being very distracted by anything that might be food. They were really not interested in letting cars through. I suppose that was rush hour for the area.

It was a lovely place to stay and a very relaxing evening, so come the morning I was well prepared to talk. I thought we arrived at the hall very early, an hour before the meeting, but no. Here people are keen, very very keen. They were even keen to carry things in from the car for me which is very much appreciated when I am on my own. When I say car full that is what I mean. They also take the prize for most offers of a drink. I got the impression that everyone in the room was trying to help and look after me. Whenever I needed something it just happened.

As an audience the group were very appreciative and asked interesting questions. They came up with some new ones I haven't had before. I am sure had I had more time they could have kept asking. Unsurprisingly packing was fast and efficient, thank you all for your help.

From there I had to get to the V&A in London for 3pm. The traffic was good and I made it, althoug the tube didn't help at all. A good service is not one which will terminate early or is running late. Well maybe it is by some peoples definitions, but not mine. At the V&A there was a talk giving some backgrouund information on the quilt exhibition. There was some interesting information in it, but the best part was seeing some quilts that didn't make the show. They had three for us to look at. One was a grandmothers flower garden, which did nothing for me. One of the otheres though was a gem. It had the sort of feathers we quilt in borders pieced into the top. It was amazing. They background patterns were unusual too, but the feathers really appeal. The third quilt was a ribbon quilt which reminded me of a lot of modern quilts. It's a shame there are so many quilts in the V&A collection that are never seen. Apparently this is the first quilt exhibition there since the 1930's.

Well that's my break over. I want to get some more sstrips joined before class. i am working on Royal Treasures by

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