Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Sandown Quilts Delivered

I like the Sandown Quilt Show. It's daft but it feels more friendly than the other shows. Yet it's the same people doing the same things so it can't really be any different. I do love that my quilts are away for less than a week, and delivering them is always an outing. I like chatting to the other people who are delivering. It's fun to then try and spot their quilts in the show (when often you've only seen the back). Maybe it's because this was the first show I got an award at that makes it feel like home, but whatever it is I love it and it does feel like my home show. Because I can deliver direct to the show it is also the easiest place for me to send difficult quilts. Outsize or delicate (or both) they can all go here.

Hope to see some of you there on Sunday. I'll be collecting my quilts at the end of the show.


Trudi said...

I feel the same about Harrogate! Good luck!

Rafael's Mum said...

Best of luck. I hope it is a good show for you!

Amo House said...

Good luck Ferret! I was looking forward to this one, even had my seat booked with the girls but hubby has now made other plans!!!

I saw your work at Malvern so that will have to do for now. Next year...!!

Sandy said...

well done for all sorts of ribbons on your various pieces I saw today! Soon you will have enough ribbons to make a quilt from! LOL

I was also shocked to see I had one on mine! First time I entered this show. I figured they would have phoned or something, so didn't expect it! 3rd place small wall hanging. Not sure what to do now other than collect the quilt on Sun. any advice?
I enjoyed seeing phoenix again!
Sandy in Bracknell

Ferret said...

Well done Sandy. It's a bit wierd the first time isn't it. They only call if you get a first. Anything else you get to discover, which is a nice shock, but shock none the less. You might want to get a picture of you with your quilt and it's award while it is hanging. Then collect it on Sunday along with it's ribbon. I strongly suggest pulling the rosette out of the bag when you collect the quilt and keeping it flat on the way home, the tails like to get creases. Other than that bounce about a bit and enjoy it ;)

Anonymous said...

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