Monday, June 07, 2010

What a studious bunch.

I did try posting this earlier, but for some reason it never came up. Still it's here now. Today I was teaching in Chiltern Candover in Hampshire. As you can see the class were still hard at work after lunch. It was a close call, we thought we might have to get everyone to run around the cricket pitch after the very fine lunch by Izi. It was one of those meals where your full but it's so good you keep eating. Still I guess once in a blue moon you can get away with that right?

It's a fantastic hall, complete with a digital projector. For the first time I was able to display my laptop screen for the whole class and teach them the image processing all at the same time. It was great. I loved being able to see everyones reactions to what I was saying, and it gives a much better feel for wether people are understanding what I am saying. Unfortunately I don't think I can afford one for myself just yet. Belive me it is on my wish list.

This booking came about from one person, Mandy Parks, missing out on a class at the Festival of Quilts last year. So she organized the whole event. As well as being a lot of fun it is a very cost effective way to get a class, if you can find a reasonably priced venue. 

If you look closely at the picture you will be able to see the days project well underway. This is the Art Quilts By Numbers class, where everyone will make either a rose or a swan wallhanging in the day. Most people will get the image together in the day. In fact I think the only one who didn't quite get there today missed quilt a lot of time running around and looking after us, so who knows, without interuptions she may have finished too. 

I was very lucky with my accomodation last might. I didn't really fancy driving that far on a Monday morning, so Mandy put me up. Wow! Four poster bed and a spare cat. How cool is that? Given how tired I am after a decent nights sleep I hate to think how bad it would be if I had had to drive both ways today.

One of my other stitching project recently has been altering a wedding dress. It's something I do, but I do find it quite stressful. Brides can be quite stressed. This can make them tricky to deal with and prone to changing shape. Both make it very hard to do alterations successfully. I thought I was going to be OK with this bride, but you never know. I was right. She has been great to work with and the look on her face tonight with her dress fitting well and the bustle in place made the work worthwhile. I hope she will have an amazing wedding, it's in Sweden, so from my point of view, it's bound to be good. I wish them both all the best, they are a lovely couple.

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