Saturday, July 05, 2008

Progress report.

Well the machines have had enough. They have both gone on strike. Still we are making good progress. I've just tried to do a count up, but with so many people here it's hard to be sure. I think we have 7 completed quilts, 8 quilted waiting for binding, and 11 tops waiting for quilting. There are also several quilt as you go projects going, but who knows how many. It looks like we will run out of wadding pretty soon, so I guess we will just have to buy what's in the shop.

I can't begin to tell you how impressed I have been with everyone who has given time, money and fabric. Several fabric wholesalers have been very generous, as have individuals. We have one lady here who just popped in to wish us luck this morning and stayed till late afternoon. Impressive huh, well about an hour later she was back and she is still here! Another lady who had to go and baby sit took work with her, she will be back tomorrow.

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Jane said...

Well done lades, keep up all of the great work. Enjoy your fish and chips, hope it gives you energy to get through the night. Sorry I can't be there.