Tuesday, July 15, 2008

It's here.

So having removed over a third of the desks from our computer room we have just enough space for an A0 drawing board. It's a monster, a lovely monster, but still. It had been living with a friend but needed a change of scene so has come here. I have plans to get paper on it sooner rather than later and get designing. Perhaps the best bit is it can be put low enough to use an ordinary office chair when drawing. Most boards I have seen in the past needed a stool, which I find a lot less comfortable. I will have to sort out the sewing room a bit though before I can do much as my paper is well buried at the moment.


CatFang said...

Those "kneeling chairs2 are really good for drawing boards - I remember you used to have one.

Ferret said...

I do, it's a good one as well. I would love to use that again. Thanks for the idea, when I get to the loft I will dig it out.