Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Isn't POD supposed to be simple?

I thought that the whole point of print on demand was to make things easier. OK maybe it does, if you are printing a novel with black and white pages. However if you want full colour, 8.5" x 11", perfect bound it's harder. Is that a really odd request? Well if you're a quilter grab a quilting book, if it's soft cover the odds are that is exactly what I am trying to get printed. So not that odd really. I can find a lot of companies who can't do that size, and a few that can. Of those that can most won't tell me how much it will cost. Some of those that will have interesting pricing. Would you pay over 90 pounds for a quilting book? Nope neither would I and at that price I would still be making a small loss on every copy!

So now I am back to calling printers and asking for quotes on a traditional print run. It wasn't what I had in mind, but beggars and choosers. At least I have just spoken to a very friendly and helpful person from one of the printers. Hopefully they can give a quote I can live with and I will have a winner. We would like to know who we are printing with before the layout goes too much further, and I really do want this book out this year.

At least it is a bit cooler today. I should be able to get some quilting done before I cook. I can see the center of the quilt on the frame now, although I can't claim to be half way there yet. I am definitely seeing a machine binding in this quilt's future.


Five Rivers Chapmanry said...

Did you try Lightning Source? They have a UK division. You have to set up your account first, but their prices are really good, with service to match. I'm using LSI for my next publication, an anthology of short, speculative fiction, And the Angels Sang.

Ferret said...

Yes, they refused me an account. They only work with established publishers. I'm not so I am out of luck. I am now looking at a printer who might do a print run for me. I say might as they were going to get back to me with a quote and so far haven't. Same story with each of the printers I have approached.

Maybe I should try Lightning Source your side of the pond. The worst they can do is say no.