Thursday, July 10, 2008

Jack touched me!

I am sure most of you won't get this at all, but I have to share. Jack is a very timid cat who I have known for several years. Sometimes when cat sitting he will run over my foot in his haste to hide, but normally I only see him because I deliberately look for him. Jez has been saying he was getting better and coming out to be petted most nights. I guess I believed it intellectually but it hadn't sunk in. Tonight he came out while we were chatting. I had been feeling guilty about being there so long, knowing I was depriving the cats of their time, and I guess he had finally got bored of waiting. He came out carefully and climbed up on Jez to be fussed. Very impressive for such a timid cat. He purred and sat there for some time. When he had got his fix he got up to move and headed to me. Well I was stunned, and petrified I would do something to scare him. So I mostly sat still and let him have a hand, which he duly washed and walked off. Oh my. He really is improving, and is a far bigger cat than I had ever realised. What a star, keep up the good work Jez.

Last nights talk seemed to go down well. They are a friendly bunch and helped a lot with carrying all my quilts in and out of the venue. I think I would have to say they were a select group, and indeed they seemed disappointed in the turn out. They more than made up for a lack of numbers in enthusiasm and overall I would have to say it was a good evening.

Now the quilt have done that outing I can pack a batch of them up to go to Scotland. I didn't want to send more away before the talk, as I was worried about having enough work, but now I have a gallery space to help fill. The gallery is called 'Touched by Scotland' and I will be giving a workshop there in September. So if you are in the area I hope if I don't get to meet you, you might have a chance to see my work.

This weekend I am off to teach at a retreat at Quorn Hall. This is something entirely new for me and I am sure I will learn a lot from it. I guess spending last weekend with the quiltathon was probably good training, for a weekend in one building with a lot of keen sewers. Hopefully I will have time to blog from there.

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