Monday, June 23, 2008


Well I made it through the weekend. Perhaps rounding off Sandown with a concert was overdoing it a bit, but I don't miss Queensrych. I do have some photos I wanted to share but in my haste to leave I forgot my camera. I will pick it up from the shop tomorrow.

It was a good show. I met so many wonderful people. A very special hello to the Russian quilters. It's so rare to find people who understand why I am careful about people photographing my work. Also a huge thank you to everyone who helped in collecting my quilts. I hear it was quite a team effort. People think I am crazy when I say quilting is a very physical sport. I suspect those collecting my work would agree with me. It is really appreciated. Now I am on my way to the RA to collect the piece that didn't get in, it is the same size as "Nude with Rope" but mounted on a rigid frame. I have to get it home on the tube, so wish me luck.

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Penny said...

Could be an interesting experience on the tube. I hope you get back safely.