Saturday, June 14, 2008


So we are either thrilled or disapointed or maybe both. We do what is known as bracket racing. You predict the time your car will take to run a quarter of a mile from a standing start. You then try to run exactly that time without going quicker. This allows fast cars to race slower ones on an equal footing. As we aren't sure how many qualifying runs we will get we wanted to make sure we didn't run faster, breakout and not get a qualifying time.

Trogdor, the Capri has not run a 13 second quarter mile at any of the other events, but it has run very low 14s so a conservative 13.97 second seemed a good bet. The track is good and a lot of big cars ran before us (which helps). So a nice launch, a good reaction time, and by half track I was worried. This was looking good, possibly too good. Indeed 9.92 came up on the end board. So this is the fastest run yet, which is great, but a lousy qualifier. Let's hope we get another run today.

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