Friday, June 27, 2008

Ammersbeker Patchworkfestival 2008

Well I know where 'Winter Star' has been most recently. It was on display at the Ammersbeker festival last weekend. I'm going to have to improve my German before I can be sure whether people loved it or hated it, but I hope from the number of hits to my site this week it is the latter. So hello to all my quilts new friends in Germany. I guess I will have to try and find out a bit more about this show and see if there is a way to enter it next year. If anyone in Europe (or indeed further afield) has seen this quilt out and about over the last year I would love to know where it has been and what it has been up to. Of course if it has been misbehaving perhaps I don't need to know, but I think that is fairly unlikely.

Now back to my troublesome wholecloth for the NEC this year. I have worker out the new design, and hopefully it will play a bit better. Who knows? Still I have a couple of nice easy quilts I can do while I finish off the design, and several other tops I need to piece. I am starting to think that going to the Festival of Quilts will be a good chance to get some piecing done!


Feather on a Wire said...

What do you mean? You don't know where it's been? I know you are meticulous about where and when your quilts are shown.

Ferret said...

Well this one started out at the Festival of Quilts last year int he Long arm gallery. When you enter that you agree to let the quilt tour for a year. I just can't find out where the tour went. As I say I know it was in this German show last weekend. I think the reason they were talking about my quilt is that I have only one name. If I am reading it correctly a visitor was curious who made it and looked at my label, which gives my name and address (althoguh not my web site doh!) She was surprised by the name and asked if anyone had heard of me. As I say, my German is not good and the computer translation isn't much better so I may have the details wrong, but that seems to be the idea.

I would really love to hear from anyone else who has seen 'Winter Star' out and about, if nothing else I would like to know if there are places I now can't enter it.

Keep your eyes open for it next year as I will be sendinn it out again after a rest to get the creases out.