Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Pictures out and about.

I promised you pictures of Sweden, but having been rather busy I haven't got that far yet. However, Tet who was out there with me has. Here is his page of my pictures. I think he has made a pretty good job of selecting the pictures. If you have a look you will see a picture of 'Iron wool' some rather unusual sheep. This was outside the company with the oldest spinning jenny in Sweden still working. They are a very friendly bunch and produce fantastic yarns, Their web site is www.ullspinneriet.com if you like knitting or other yarn crafts do give them a look. It will help if you can read Swedish, but I think you can probably get the idea even if you don't. A lot of words are quite similar to English.

I also found a photograph of one of my commissions online today. It is quilted but not a quilt. It is Andy Carters engine cover. It is designed to keep the engine warm and clean (and in light rain dry). It was actually about the size of a kingsize quilt before it was shaped to fit the engine. Here you can see it in action as the car is being loaded into the trailer. I don't think this is the engine I made it to fit, hence it looks a bit baggy, but it will still do the same job.

Oh yes, I will be trying to blog from the NEC again this year, but as last time the intnet access at the hotel is very expensive so I will have to use my phone again. This means I may not be able to read comments until I get home. I will see if I can work out a way around that though.

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Feather on a Wire said...

That grasshopper is amazing. I thought only insects were those sorts of colours in the tropics