Tuesday, August 28, 2007


I got strange post this morning. I seemed to have a delivery of patterns from America, which isn't unusual, but I was sure I hadn't ordered any. On tearing my way into the package I found something far more exciting (to me at least). My copies of Unlimited Possibilities magazine. Yes copies, when you are featured they send you some extras! It's very odd two pages full of me and my work. I still love my globe, I will have to make more of them.

The front cover is amazing it shows the viewers choice from MQS, Turnabout by Claudia Pfeil. It is a beautiful quilt, and she is also featured in the magazine. This issues focus is European quilters. There is some amazing work being done in Europe, and I think I will have to ask these ladies where they are showing their work. I would love to see it in person.

I couldn't have hoped for a better start to the working week. This has really got me in the mood to get on and do things. So a big thank you to Unlimited Possibilities.


koolkatquilting said...

Hello Ferret, I first saw your work yesterday in the Unlimited Possibilites magazine. I really love your quilt called "wait" and it has inspired me to continue working on a large quilt I am making which is based on pictorial tones.I absolutely applaud the way you are working with raw edge techniques here and I am going to do the same after tearing my hair out trying to do needle turn. Thanks for sharing your ideas!

Ferret said...

Oh wow, you're the first person to have said they found me through a magazine, how cool. Glad to meet you.