Thursday, August 09, 2007

Exciting Post

It's been a good post day today. Firstly I have my instructions for the Fractured Quilt Challenge. This is where a several quilters around the world are given a copy of the same image to make a quilt of. The image is cut into four parts before making the quilt so the top is in four parts. These parts are sent back tot he organizer who shuffles them and send each person four parts to be finished as they like. It makes for some very interesting quilts. I did try to join the last one but I was too slow, so I am extra excited about making it this time.

I also got the September issue of Quilters Newsletter Magazine this morning. This is always a good thing but I was especially pleased with the "bits and pieces" column. It has a short piece about the the Quilters Guild of the British Isles. It talks about our new home where the collection will actually be on display in a purpose built museum. It should be a very interesting project once it is up and running. Hopefully it will lead to some of the UK holiday companies putting it on the agenda for trips to York.

Now back to my latest wholecloth, which is for the Longarm Gallery at the NEC. At least I can deliver it by hand so I don't have to worry about posting it. I am really looking forward to seeing what the other longarm quilters in the UK can come up with. The theme this year is black and white with one colour. Shades of grey are also allowed. It sounds like I might get to see a whole room full of quilts in a colour scheme I love.

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