Friday, August 17, 2007

Oh my

So it has been a very hectic couple of days here at the NEC. Sorry I didn't get to blog yesterday but I didn't pause between getting up and going to bed.
The show is as amazing as usual although I didn't really appreciate it yesterday. I was especially pleased to see the Russian display back on investigation it was even better than I could have hoped, the main part of the show is entirely from my favourite artist from last year. Www.Nversio.Com I hope will take you to her site. I haven't found out how to spell her name yet but I will. Last year she had a theater on a quilt, this year I love her shop quilt.
The layout of the galleries is amazingly good. If you stand in the Russian gallery which is mostly cool colours you can see into the Faces of Arabia gallery which is the got colours. It is a wonderful display and really shows the diversity of the exhibits beautifully.
Oh yes I suppose I should mention. Nude with rope got a judges choice. I hope I will get to keep the little board with that on that is by it. Tomorrow I will at least try and get a picture of it.


Penny said...

Congratulations on the Judge's Choice

marion said...

Hurrah for you!

marion said...

ps Elizabella Baikovo, I should think is the spelling. (Speaking Russian is one of my strange skills...)

Beverly said...

Congratulations, it's a wonderful work that deserved the honor.

Jeanne Turner McBrayer said...

Congratulations on the Judge's Choice ribbon. You do such beautiful and original work.