Thursday, June 21, 2012

This is too early

I don't do mornings, well not from this direction at least. I can live with being up until the early hours. However early mornings are part of the job for quilters and today is one of them. I'm heading to Sandown with my longarm to go and built my stand. It's kinda exciting. I've not done it much which probably helps. On the other hand I've not done it much so the odds are I've forgotten something. At least I will be going home during the show so I have a chance to collect things I need.

The van is really full. I've got my longarm in here (yes I really am going to be quilting all weekend at the show) and quilts, and shelving and well stuff including the kitchen sink. To be fair the van always has a kitchen sink ;) I've got our passes and the tickets for my guests so I probably have the most important stuff.

Now a handy tip for anyone coming to the show on Friday and using the M25. If you stay till the end of the show you will catch traffic. Lots of it. So you might like to comsider an early dinner. I discovered the Beefeater at Chessington (pretty much at the theme park) is really good. The staff are amazing, the food good and they have a big car park. I went there on Tuesday and was impressed, it also meant I followed rush hour home instead of being stuck in traffic. Result.

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Bibliogirl said...

Feel free to drop by for a coffee if you like! (we're not all that far away)