Friday, June 22, 2012

My stand - edited

Here is my stand at the National Quilt Championships Sandown. As you can see I have the longarm with me and I am quilting during the show. I've got some Ferret Bites (mini and not so mini quilts) and my new pattern. I have talked to many people today and my throat is already getting sore. Just as well I was given some Scotish candy today to help soothe it. It has been good to meet friends new and old though.

Hmm, I've just seen the images (posting from the phone) my quilt stand is looking really saggy. I hope it makes it through the show. The pieces of fabric around the bottom of the shelves are the wholecloth blanks I was talking about earlier in the week. They are like colouring books for quilters. I've given you some outlines and your job is to fill them in with whatever designs and colours you want.

In the first photo you can see my new banner. I hope that will survive the weekend as I rather like it. Yes I stole the idea from the comics industry, and? It works for them why not for me :) Hanging on the front of the frame I have my first van project, which I quilted recently. I thought it would be a good splash of colour and it's proving very popular. I may need to get in some of those kits.

Anyway, my printer is finally playing ball so I will have the extra signs I want for tomorrow. Then, at last, I can go to bed.

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