Sunday, June 10, 2012

Maths games

One thing that has really surprised me in quilting is how much maths I teach. I love numbers and I can see now that playing number games at an early age really helped. Well it's never too late so for those of you a bit maths challenged you might like to give some of these a go. Heck if you just like numbers or fell like taking some time off serious stuff you might like them too.

For my regular students I found a place to get fraction blocks and Cuisenaire rods, finally I have the props I was talking about. Although I still think the wooden ones I learned with were nicer.


Feather on a Wire said...

I think I benefited all my life from going to a Montessori School and playing with the maths sticks from 3 years old. For those who didn't get the Montessori training or are just average (or worse) at maths, listen to this woman who had learning difficulties and now teaches people from 4 to 74 years to improve the lesser functioning parts of their brains. She is absolutely amazing.

Susan Briscoe said...

I remember those sticks at school, also colouring in grids 1 -100 for learning multiplication - a system I use a lot (with varying grids) for placing blocks in quilts.