Friday, June 08, 2012

I've been busy

Every so often I reach the point where I just have to quilt, a lot. This time it was because I could hardly get to the machine I had so many quilts waiting. I'm now down to 1 customer quilt to baste and about 4 of my tops. This is good. I also have a massive pile of binding to to which I will try and have completed this week. I've concluded I really don't like the binding part much.

I've had a lot of fun recently trying out new quilting patterns. My Sue Patten DVD's arrived and with the aid of my portable DVD player I've been watching them in every spare moment. One of the quilts I've just done was my turning twenty book 8 quilt. I used it as a test bed for new feather ideas. I had planned on using it for a Sue Patten style all over but it had other ideas. It came out well but it wasn't quick, if I am doing that for customers it's a complex pattern.

Today I had promised myself would be a writing and binding day, but after two weeks long hours I haven't got much brain so I loaded another of my quilts and played. I've reached the point where I can mostly quilt on auto pilot, but today when I did have to think it took ages. I'll try and get a picture of that quilt tomorrow. It's another quilt intended for my bed. As I used a single layer of wool in the turning twenty I decided to make this one a winter quilt. It's got a double layer of wool. I may have also been influenced by the huge bolt of wadding getting in my way :) I liked the idea of a really warm quilt with well defined quilting on that I could actually use. It seems every time I quilt something nicely it skips my bed and heads off on tour. I am sure this is very selfish, but I want a really nice quilt on my bed.


Rafael's Mum said...

I love doing the binding! Something so satisfactorily about it when it's finished. You think it never ends...get in a groove and before you know it, it's done ! And it finishes a quilt so nicely. And you sure deserve a nice quilt on your own bed :-)

Heather said...

The Sue Patten dvd's sound really interesting. Were they easy to get hold of?