Thursday, June 28, 2012

Silverware for Prometheus

 Somehow I never seem to end up with good pictures from the awards. I feel for Vicky who has to try and get some good pictures for the magazine. Hopefully some of the other winners do a better job of looking presentable :) Anyway, this one is Roger presenting me with the Fran Jones Longarming award. I hope she approved of the quilt. She can't come and check up on it any more, but I think of her, and the help she gave me when I was starting out whenever I see the trophy I won for Miss Baltimore. It's one of those important awards. The ones that carry far more weight and meaning than people would expect.

Usually I try to get a picture with me holding the trophy in front of the quilt, but with 3 cups and a plat that wasn't going to work. Fortunately the big cup comes with a box, so that helped a bit. The ones I am holding are slipping, and slipping fast.

Just to make things more fun is seems everyone's cameras were playing up, so different people have pictures from different parts of the event. I am very glad there were a lot of people with cameras and indeed phones. The first two were taken by Angela from Patchwork Corner on her phone. This next one is from Vicky at Grosvenor, she takes the magazine photos. The plate is the wholecloth award and I really like the fact it comes with a stand.
Finally there is a picture of my stand with it's trophies. When I've won things in the past I've left them on the Patchwork Corner stand to save me carrying them around. Doug, being Doug, tells everyone they are the prize for the best stand at the show. Given they hadn't got a stand this time and I have, I guess that means I won best stand this time :)


Borderline Quilter said...

Wow...I know you are not the tallest on the planet (especially in Sandy mode) but it sure gives this fantastic quilt some scale to see you standing there beside it...

Again Congratulations!

Best Wishes
Kay in Scotland

Patsy Thompson said...

Hi Ferret,

Congratulations, you SO deserve this! I love your work and the Prometheus quilt is fabulous. Thanks for your recent note to me. I tried to write you back but my email keeps bouncing back as undeliverable. Praise coming from you means a great deal to me!

IMAQLTR2 said...

Absolutely awesome! Congratulations on all your well-deserved awards. Woohoo!

Shevvy said...

Very very very deserved set of awards. Congratulations.

Ferret said...

Thank you all. Patsy your message did get through it's on my list to reply to tomorrow. Just got in from todays teaching and now dinner and bed :)