Friday, October 07, 2011

Ferreting Around -Tebay

This quilt will probably look somewhat familiar even though you've probably never seen it. It is a quilt made by one of my students from my book, Ferreting Around. My student was surprised I wanted a picture of it, as over the course of making it she has learned and improved so now sees what she could do better. I see a quilt that has done it's job of teaching and that will be much loved by the recipient. This is also another colourway and design variation which is great. It is also another problem my student has with the quilt, they aren't her colours, they are what her aunt wanted. It's very hard to make a quilt in colours you don't like and it's rare to really love what you make. It doesn't mean the quilt isn't good though. If you've made a quilt from this book please do send me a photo. I love seeing what people have done with the design.

In the comments on my last post it was suggested I should visit Tebay services. That was actually my goal for today as it should put me about an hour from tomorrows venue and save me from an early morning. I made it there. Well I think I did. Itis amazing, too good to be true to be honest, so maybe I am dreaming. The farm shop is something else, so good I will be getting up early enough to have another look around. I was too overwhelmed to take it all in tonight. The food smelled fantastic too. In fact better than many restaurants I've been to and the loos are fab. I will be stopping here on the way home.


quilttothemax said...

I think you can only acess the 'true' Tebay services when you are travelling north,, not south.

Susan Briscoe said...

I have a funny feeling that's the case too. However, it would be easy enough to turn back onto the northern carriageway at junction 38 and it isn't too far further up to junct. 39 to get back onto the southbound.