Monday, October 10, 2011

Day off?

I guess that technically, I've had a day off today. I say technically as I have been lying in bed most of the day at motorway services. As it goes, I would rather have been at home working, but I can't get there. The wind is throwing the van around too much to get through the roadworks. It's rocking enough when parked that typing is tricky and sewing or rug making right out. So I will read and play games until it's safe to go home and have dinner. I just need to convince myself this is exactly the holiday I was looking for. Then again, at least I'm not out there playing with the emergency vehicles which have been very busy today.

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Anonymous said...

Sory to hear you had such a terrible journey but hope it won't put you off coming back up this way.

We thoroughly enjoyed the workshop yesterday and hope you didn't think anyone needed treatment for 'kn elas'!!! We are quite a merry bunch.

Hope by now you are safely home. R