Tuesday, April 13, 2010

What have I been up to?

Mostly I've been sleeping. It's what happens when I get ill. I sleep, a lot. Fortunately I seem to be getting better and have been able to spend some time quilting today. The down side is, I am now starting to worry about all the deadlines that are looming. This time of year is always quite manic. It seems that every show comes up at once and there are no end of entry forms to deal with. Just to bring this home to me, the form for the World Quilt Show arrived this morning. This is a show I particularly like. Mostly because they make it so easy to enter.  The quiltsd from each country go to one collection center in the country and are then sent en mass to America. This makes it much cheaper to enter than most international shows and ensures the quilts are insured in transit. Another bonus is that the show is in several venues, so the quilts get seen by a huge audience. The down side is it clashes with Houston and Festival of Quilts. So I need to do some careful planning before I decide what is going where.

I don't feel like there has been much of a holiday. I guess that's what happens when you sleep through it. Still the new term starts on Thursday and I am looking forward to it. There are still a few places on my new Thursday afternoon class, so if you would like to join it get in touch with Patchwork Corner as soon as possible. The wholecloth class on the 20th is now full. Sorry to all those who missed out this time.

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