Wednesday, April 07, 2010

All the packages

Yesterdays class certainly lived up to my expectations. My students were keen, worked hard and had lots of good ideas and questions. I will be interested to see where they take the techniques I showed them. I stayed for dinner and chatting and well you know how it is when quilters get talking, it was late when I left and even later when I got home. So by the time I got home my main thought was bed. Then I found a stack of interesting post on my desk. Cool! Lots of things I had been waiting for had arrived. I had a quick look before giving in to the bed idea.

No sooner that I got there, Tet mentioned that Phoenix was back. OK I had to go and check on it. It's arrived home in great condition. Thanks to the guys at the Lancaster quilt show. However I also found I had more post. He had said I had got all the post but still. I now have a whole raft of new toys to play with for my garments at the Festival of Quilts. Obviously being me I am not going to do anything simple of traditional am I? So I needed a whole load card for prototyping and some fastenrs to go with it. There was me thinking paper fasteners no longer exisited.  I also have several new materials to test. I've got some ideas for things that might be possible in quilts but haven't been done yet. If I want to do them I think I will need to spend some time in the lab (quilting studio come engineering department). Don't worry I am keeping notes so I can share the process after I unveil the pieces :)

I even managed to get some quilting done today. I've had a week when I really haven't been up to it, and it has felt sogood to be back at the machine. The machine is sounding completely different after it's service. It really have appreciated the new gear grease and I think with the new brushes it is running faster. Taht could just be me being slow though so I am not certain yet.

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