Thursday, April 01, 2010

I'm weird

I suspect that isn't news to regular readers but I thought I would share it anyway. It seems last weekend really took it out of me. Today I feel very ill and somewhat frustrated. I have so many things I want to be working on. I haven't ben on the longarm for days and I am really missing it. The quilt currently on the frame belongs to one of my students and is from my next sampler quilt book. It is designed to be quilt as you go but she decided she would rather I quilted it. It will take quite a lot of work but I know I will enjoy it.

I also have a book on making armour I would like to be playing with. I know card won't work quite like metal, but I think I should be able to adapt the techniques. I also have several clothing patterns awaiting my attention, but it won't be today.

Fortunately I recently bought a new laptop to improve things in my art quilts by numbers class. The old machine was free and rather old. Not a problem in itself but the screen was getting very hard to see. That meant I could only have two people at a time working on the machine, hopeless for big classes. The new macjine has a much larger, clearer screen. It's also relieving the boredom for me today, I may not be able to quilt but I can watch quilting DVD's. Sad isn't it. Ill in need ot time off and yes I chose to watch quilting. Told you, I'm weird.


Amo House said...

Just a bus mans break! Give the physical a rest while the mental catches up. I hope you feel better soon and have a good long weekend!

Susan Briscoe said...

I'm not surprised last weekend wore you out...

Re dealing with classes via a screen, a few years ago I got an extra 19in. LCD screen so I can just hook that laptop up to that. Very useful. Though I probably take it out less than I expected to.

Trudi said...

Not wierd, a master quilter, always learning! And not alone, I do the same! LOL

Ferret said...

I'm working over the weekend so I need to be fit. I am feeling a bit better, I'm replying from my desk not bed.

I did think about packing a separate screen, but I decided a 17" laptop would do the job and take up less space. The extra screen wouldn't have helped with watching dvd's either :)

I'm glad I'm not the only one. I just wish I felt up to practising.