Monday, April 05, 2010

How long?

I can't believe how long making up kits takes. OK I do like to do a whole batch at once (because it takes so long) but still. I've spent over 4 hours today putting together kits for my art quilt classes and I didn't actually finish very many. Partly because they also get through a lot of wadding. I see urgent reordering in my future. At least I have plenty for the class tomorrow and all the extras we might need. I'm quite looking forward to tomorrowa class. They are a friendly and laid back bunch, who are generally very quick on the uptake, a teachers dream class. I might even get a little writing done too. I know that would please at least one of the students as it is the art quilts book I am working on. However I now need a bath and a reasonably early night. I won't be enjoying the early morning or playing with the M25. I guess you can't have everything can you?

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