Saturday, April 24, 2010

Hello from Hobby Holidays

I had intended to blog when I got here last night, but as you can see I didn't manage it. By the time we had set the world to rights and eaten a very fine dinner it really was time for shower and bed. Besides I had forgotten to take any pictures so I figured I would wait.

I only just remembered today. The pictures are of the main house where we stay and eat, and the coachhouse which holds the workroom. We are working on wholecloth quilts this weekend. Despite the students having quite a range of experience they are all progressing well and keeping me busy. Their questions have even led me to find some new quilting designs. I did bring two quilts with me that need some finishing but I've been too busy to need them.

As with the other multi day classes I've taught I am getting a huge thrill from seeing how much more people can achieve over the longer time. I am lucky to have had several students send me pictures of finished pieces from class, but actually seeing the work is something else, especially seeing the students reaction to their achievments.

As with my last trip here the atmosphere is great. I think the relaxed environment helps a lot with machine quilting and being pampered doesn't exactly hurt. I should really get some sleep now. I have high hopes that the students will work me just as hard tomorrow as they did today. I know I've worn them out so it's only fair isn't it?

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