Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Birthday unsurprise

I know you are supposed to be surprised on your birthday, but this year I am quite excited about a non surprise. It's still not certain but a well know web site might be giving me a lovely present. Of course something urgent could come up between now and then, but keep you fingers crossed it won't.

Whups, just to clear up any confusion, it's not my birthday yet. I just relaly hope this cool thing will happen on schedule. I'll point you in the right direction whenever it happens, but I am really hoping it will all come together.


omni said...

Happy Birthday to You!
from the other side of the pond,
Cari J.

Ferret said...

Thanks Omni, but I wasn't clear. My birthday is the 1st May, and I think that a really cool thing will happen then :)