Saturday, March 13, 2010

Too funny

Tet lost his camera easlier this week. We were pretty sure he must have lost it at a concert but we still had a good look for it. It was odd because he is pretty reliable about where he puts his camera (unlike me) and we both searech his desk as that is where it lives. We had given up hope of finding it and started looking for insurance details.

This evening when we got home the camera was visible on the desk! Strange huh. I guess we both failed to look properly. I joked that the cats must have stolen it to take pictures of each other. They have been caught stealing other things, making phone calls and bidding on ebay so it wasn't that unfair. Tet replies that we would have the evidence were that the case. I felt sure that cats would have uploaded and then deleted the images from the camera, but no I was wrong.Last few photos on the camera were all of my cats in daft poses. Well who would have thought it? Next time it goes missing I will ask the cats first.


Susan Briscoe said...

You KNOW cats do stuff like this so, yep, asking them first might have helped! Though our two usually claim they can't remember where they put the item they "borrowed"... items like the embroidery scissors found under the fridge come to mind.

Your cats must have simply forgotten to get those pictures posted & captioned on before you got home.

sandra wyman said...

My cats are always hiding things - they do it for sheer wickedness - it's so much fun to watch me going frantic trying to find things!